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Maharashtra GR| CBI Arrest IAS Dr Anil Ramod In Pune| IAS अधिकाऱ्याला ८ लाखाची लाच घेताना रंगेहाथ पकडले

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पुण्यात CBI ची मोठी कारवाई, IAS अधिकाऱ्याला ८ लाखाची लाच घेताना रंगेहाथ पकडले

CBI Arrest IAS Officer In Pune. राज्य महसूल विभागातील (Maharashtra Revenue Department) 

पुण्यात महसूल विभागात एका उच्च अधिकाऱ्यावर सीबीआयने छापे टाकले आहेत. सीबीआयने आयएएस (IAS) अधिकारी डॉ. अनिल गणपतराव रामोड यांच्यावर सीबीआयचा छापे टाकले आहेत.  रामोड हे पुण्याचे अतिरिक्त विभागीय आयुक्त आहेत.

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विभागीय आयुक्त कार्यालयात सीबीआय अधिकारी दाखल झाले आहेत. ८ लाख रुपयांची लाच घेताना त्यांनी अनिल रामोड यांना पकडले आहे.

प्राथमिक माहितीनुसार, हा सगळा व्यवहार हायवेच्या लगत असलेल्या एका जमिनीबाबत होता. हिरमोड यांनी ८ लाख रुपये स्वीकारताना त्यांना सीबीआयने त्यांना पकडले. सीबीआयने या संदर्भात सापळा रचला होता.

याबाबत अधिक महिती अशी की, तक्रारदाराने चार दिवसांपुर्वी डॉ. अनिल रामोड यांच्याविरूध्द तक्रार केली होती. तक्रारीची संपुर्णपणे पडताळणी केल्यानंतर तक्रारदाराकडून 8 लाख रूपयाची लाच (Pune Bribe Case) घेत असताना डॉ. अनिल रामोड यांना सीबीआयच्या पथकाने रंगेहाथ पकडले (Pune Crime News). नोटांवरील बोटांचे ठसे देखील घेण्यात आले आहेत. दरम्यान, डॉ. रामोड यांच्या औंध-बाणेर (Aundh-Baner) परिसरातील ऋतुपर्ण सोसायटीतील (Rutuparna Society) बंगल्यावर देखील सीबीआयने छापेमारी सुरू केली आहे.

What is the role of CBI in anti corruption?

CBI is the premier investigative agency in the country today, with a dual responsibility to investigate grievous cases and provide leadership and direction in fighting corruption to the Police force across the country.

What is the role of CBI?

Once consent is granted, the CBI can investigate economic, corruption, and special crimes (including national security, drugs and narcotics, etc.) Most Indian states had granted general consent to the CBI to investigate crimes within their territory.

Who is the founder of CBI?

Dharamnath Prasad Kohli was the founder Director of the CBI, India’s Central Investigation Agency. He held office from 1 April 1963 to 31 May 1968.

What is the history of CBI?

The CBI in its present form came into being in 1963 through a Resolution adopted by the Government of India pursuant to the recommendations of the Committee on Prevention of Corruption (Santhanam Committee).

What is anti-corruption in India?

Public servants in India can be penalized for corruption under the Indian Penal Code, 1860 and the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988. The Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Act, 1988 prohibits benami transactions.

What are anti-corruption objectives?

Detect and investigate corrupt conduct. Identify any methods of work, practices or procedures that allow, encourage or cause the occurrence of corrupt conduct. Ensure a good practice approach for all investigations. Maintain an efficient and effective complaint handling service.

What are the benefits of CBI?

CBI Officers are eligible for numerous benefits, such as Dearness Allowance (DA), House Rent Allowance (HRA), Transport Allowance, and Medical Allowance, in addition to their basic pay. The exact amount is also subject to variables such as the officer’s posting location and other entitlements.

Who is CBI chief of India?

The 1986-batch, Karnataka cadre Indian Police Service (IPS) officer Praveen Sood has been appointed the head of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), as per a government order released on Sunday (May 14).

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